Shenzhen Well.d Medical Electronics Co. Ltd.
Factory Add: Well.d Park, Qinglan 3Rd, National Biophramaceutical Industrial Base, Pingshan New Area, Shenzhen 518118, China

Office Add: A&B 2F, Building 7, Nanyou Tianan Industial Area, Dengliang Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen518404, China

Company Profile

This is Welld Industrial Park which stretches about 50, 000 square meters in the Bio-Medical Park in Pingshan, Shenzhen, China.

Every year over 10000 ultrasound scanners are manufactured here. With the respect for life they bring the most scientific diagnosis to every corner of the word. Every day our professional team persists in their hard working just to lead Chinese ultrasonic technology to the world-class level. Because every Wellder shares one same dream providing products with the best quality and make an outstanding contribution in the field of human health. This is the dream of Welld, this is the dream of every welder.

Because of this dream Wellders are striving to achieve the best of us. Products from Welld are the guards of public health. As well as a mirror like equipment to show every corner of organs clearly. So, Welld promises as below: Every product of Welld is under the inspection of the National Medical devices and equipments Quality Control Center. Each qualification meets our national standard. And the performance indicators of our products are all being in the advanced level compared with other ultrasound manufacturers in China. And they are also identified as new scientific technology by the provincial authority organizations. Because of this dream Wellders always take innovation as our core spirit and strengthen ourselves from fighting for the best. Persistently carrying out our quality policy as based on professional keep on innovation focus on quality.

In 2010 Welld completed restructuring and listing with Hongda High-Tech. With this opportunity Welld adopts advanced modern management concepts and keeps moving forward to the goal of becoming a world-class excellent enterprise.